January 20, 2015



A leader and innovator in providing technology solutions to solve customer communications management challenges


Industry-first solutions provide quick access to necessary information and allow many new opportunities for automation



Deliver a voice message directly to mobile voicemail without calling the phone. Reduce Costs. Expand Your Reach. Generate Results

Our solutions can detect fraud and improve decisions about loan origination, servicing, and collections

Lender placed insurance, insurance tracking, claims services, and other insurance related products

Understanding the need to communicate with customers through text messaging



Offering you patented technology to resolve consumer debt quickly, privately and with dignity, online


LiveEngage is the world’s leading conversational platform. It lets consumers message companies from their smartphone, just as do all day with family and friends, and get answers via humans, bots and AI.

Specializes in targeted communications to specific audiences to produce a result

The industry-leading credit app platform

An open source software implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language and Java WebSocket technologies

Transforming the way companies interact with their multiple collection agencies

Specialized provider of software and data solutions related to the recovery of assets for the automotive finance industry

The most accurate and up to date valuation tool in the industry

Leading provider of software and services for repossession management and remarketing

Leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets

Provide vehicle buyers and sellers with the new and used vehicle information they need to accomplish their goals with confidence!

Provide lenders with an easy to use e-commerce solution for repossession assignment distribution and management

NADA delivers weekly auction values and monthly trade-in, loan and retail values, all the information you need to know what a used vehicle is really worth

Delivers highly customized variable-data printed and electronic document production and distribution solutions

Leading provider of credit decisioning and loan origination solutions for large and innovative financial institutions

Leader in affordable, semi-customizable, web-based decision lending software for small and mid-size lenders

Offer a total solution for your entire originations lifecycle from retail to commercial product lines

Provides GPS Tracking Solutions and Automated Collection Technology (ACT) designed to improve customer payment performance and reduce repossession risks

Helps enterprise contact centers deliver remarkable customer experiences across every conversation and every channel 

One of the nation’s premier field contact service companies

Leading provider of cloud contact center software

Become more customer centric, balance costs with agility, and improve your risk management and industry differentiation

Oracle has products and solutions for every role in the enterprise

PayNearMe, a brand of Handle Financial, is the industry leader in electronic cash payments, enabling businesses to accept cash remotely since 2009 at one of their 26K retail locations.


Offering comprehensive integrated payment alternatives, eliminate payment resistance for increased revenue and efficiency while reducing paperwork and manual entry

Unparalleled Outbound Dialing Technology

Powers electronic payments for financial institutions, retailers and processors around the world with its broad and integrated suite of electronic payment software


WATCH THE VIDEO - Retail & Collenctions

Customized payment solution for financial institutions to increase their revenue, grow their business, and improve efficiencies

Better lending decisions with richer, more predictive data and trends in consumer behavior

Creates and delivers unparalleled customized insights that enrich both the performance of businesses and the lives of consumers through the comprehensive and differentiated data it manages

Process credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks – from a single easy-to-use interface, any method, anytime

Helps businesses gain greater control over their financials, better manage their inventory and operations

We build beautiful business applications with last mile functionality and scientific insights for select industries delivered as a cloud service

Tools, services and consulting expertise to enable automation of complex customer life cycle decisions

Helps organizations fight the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth, and stay ahead of the competition

Helps organizations store and manage large volumes of fixed information with high availability to users

Deliver next-generation applications on a mission-critical cloud platform, simplify operations with native cloud management, and accelerate time to market with a modern development platform and integrated tools

Core support for dependency injection, transaction management, web applications, data access, messaging, testing and more

Build best-in-class platforms and productivity services for a mobile-first, cloud-first world

As an open operating system, Linux is developed collaboratively, meaning no one company is solely responsible for its development or ongoing support

Family of lightweight, cloud-friendly, enterprise-grade products that help organizations innovate faster, in a smarter way

Optimizes all your traditional, mobile and cloud applications in the data center

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