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Employee Spotlight: Cassandra Pina

Picture of Cassandra Pina

Education and Work History: Cassandra started her career in Human Resources in the army national guard while still in college. After joining the army national guard, Cassandra went to Framingham State College in Boston where she completed a BA in Communications. She later pursued a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and then transitioned to Organizational Psychology. She completed a Master of Science in Applied Psychology with a concentration in Industrial Organizational Design from the University of Southern California.

After college, she began a full-time career in staffing and then transitioned to HR and HR consulting in energy and technology companies in Houston, Texas. Cassandra joined Shaw in 2016 as an HR Generalist and was later promoted to HR Manager.

Interests and Family: Cassandra has two sons, one who is now 21 and one who just turned 7. Her hobbies and interests include traveling (especially by train), hiking, writing, music, and art.

Rave Review: Cassandra’s manager Ede Vacek says: “Cassandra is continuously planning for improvement and higher efficiency in our human resources department. She has helped us reach hiring goals, increased team member engagement throughout the company, and provided great support during periods of organizational change. Cassandra has been an asset to our team and continues to grow and improve.”

Cassandra's Perspective: Cassandra says: “It has been an honor working with Shaw in the administration department for these nearly five years. The support I receive from colleagues and peers truly makes it feel like a family and not just a place to work.”