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Employee Spotlight: Warren Hart

Picture of Warren Hart

Education and Work History: Warren attended college at Denver University and continues to educate himself in various technical disciplines related to SQL Server, Visual Basic, and Project Management.

Warren joined Shaw in October 2018. He works with the Shaw EOD Team and provides direct support to a few clients. He enjoys tackling difficult issues and developing them into elegant solutions. He also enjoys mentoring newer staff on many subjects. He is a huge advocate of creating adaptable solutions that are tailored to a specific client need, but also have flexible architecture that can be utilized by all clients.

Before joining Shaw, Warren had almost 20 years of experience with Shaw software. He started out as a Shaw client and later became a Shaw consultant.

Interests and Family: Warren lives in Spring, Texas with his wife Agata and their two boys Tomas and Sebastian. He grew up in Denver, Colorado, and lived his early adult life in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Warren enjoys RC aircraft as a hobby. He has had this hobby for 37 years and enjoys tinkering in the garage on his next build. He also gets a great deal of pleasure from doing various construction projects around the house.

Rave Review: Warren’s manager Jeff Shultz said “Warren’s level of industry specific experience, in combination with his technical skills make him invaluable to the Shaw team. He has been integral in the design and implementation of the Spectrum ODS (Operational Data Store) for a large Hosted Customer. Most importantly, Warren is constantly challenging Shaw Design considerations to improve processes for the customer’s benefit. We are lucky to have Warren and it’s a pleasure to work with him.”

Warren’s Perspective: “It’s great working for Shaw. There are challenges but with a little grit and perseverance, we strive to transform challenges to wins. I look forward to more challenges and innovation at Shaw. I am glad to be on the team.”

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?

Air Show Pilot. The freedom to fly and entertain for the old and young seem like the ultimate job!

If you had a time machine, would you go to the future or to the past?

The past so I could get those aviation skills.