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Why Customer Service Is Our Most Valuable Product

By Charles Western, Web/Graphic Designer

woman sitting at a computer desk

Everyone wants great customer service. Everyone expects great customer service. Therefore, you must consider customer service your most valuable product. Customer service is a direct connection between customers and your business. Your business will be judged more on the way you treat your customers than on the price of your products. Without superior customer service, you will have no customers to buy your products.

Providing great customer service will allow a business to retain its customers, creating a loyal following. Satisfied customers are easier to sell to. Elevating the customer experience shows you value them and prioritize their needs.

Satisfied customers tell their friends. Positive word of mouth is the best marketing. It validates your company as a valuable choice. Satisfied customers are a reliable source for testimonials and reviews to help promote your products. Shaw gets requests on a regular basis in our RFIs for references from existing clients. Their positive comments to a prospect can be the tipping point in the sales process.

A loyal customer base can help improve your business and product offerings. They can give you feedback on what works for their business and what does not. You can get feedback from actual users of your product. Their responses can lead to improvements and future new features to add to your products.

From a strictly bottom-line perspective, great customer service increases revenue. A 2011 study shows 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience. Satisfied customers are more likely to be repeat buyers. They are also easier to sell new products and upgrades to.

Internally, excellent customer service has an impact as well. Creating a positive, customer-focused environment makes employees happier. Happy employees will stay with a company that has high service levels. A strong customer service culture should stretch across the entire company. Employees with direct, consistent contact with customers can offer valuable insight into customer experiences. They can give feedback about what the customers want more of. Customer service representatives have a direct line to how clients are feeling about the company. They build relationships with clients, developing trust.

At Shaw Systems, our Client Support team works to develop superior customer service with our clients. The Shaw Client Support Desk is the first point of contact for our clients who need assistance. The use of the Jira system and a dedicated, assigned Client Support Representative ensures a quick response and resolution to any issues that may arise. The Strategic Account Managers are available to our clients to assist with escalations, relationship inquiries, and overall account management. This role allows Shaw to add another level to our superior customer service. It gives our clients peace of mind that their business and customer service is in the best hands.

Our investment in our Strategic Account Managers is a level of support many other companies bill clients for. But Shaw views this as a necessity of making sure our clients have all the resources, they need to be successful. Some of these resources include support on system use, best practices, defect remediation, training, and overall account management.

Because our Client Support Desk has close contact with our clients, they have a direct line to what the clients want. This helps Shaw continue to be innovative, as we get feedback for future releases, functionality our clients want to see, and what could be changed to increase the workflow for the client.

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