Carmen Baker Helps New Graduates with Interviewing Skills

Carmen Baker Helps New Graduates with Interviewing Skills

Carmen Baker is the manager of Office Administration in the Richmond, Virginia office at Shaw Systems.

Carmen assists ECPI by holding mock interviews with students that are graduating and going out in the ‘real world’ to get jobs. Holding mock interviews is helpful to new graduates because they can practice their interviewing skills and learn from any mistakes they make before a real interview. This process helps students and soon to be graduates prepare for a career, for real world interviews, and questions they might encounter.

ECPI operates on 5-week terms.  The mock interview is required before they can graduate. Right before the ending of each term, they have a near-graduating student find a real open position – usually online – to apply for.  This isn’t necessarily a position that they would go for after graduation. The last interview Carmen did was an IT student and his ‘job’ was for a loading dock worker.

A time is set for the interview with the “Recruiter” (Carmen’s contact at ECPI) and Carmen. The student is expected to dress for the occasion, present their resume, and be prepared for actual real life Q&A. Carmen and the “Recruiter” will conduct the interview with the student and jot down notes.

Carmen says “After the interview, we shake hands, etc. as you would in a real interview. Then we pop back into our natural mode and critique the meeting with the student. We offer advice, talk about how to approach certain areas, and offer other questions to ask, etc. Even though they know the person at ECPI, they don’t know me, so it offers the ‘stranger in the room’ aspect.  It’s a great exercise for them.”

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