January 20, 2015

Collections Communications Program

  • Are you using collection letters your lawyers wrote years ago?
  • Do you offer payment solutions that are relevant in today’s current market and that your customers understand?
  • Have you done Nth Name Message Testing to determine what increases response?
  • Do you track response by segment to identify the most cost-efficient way to increase payments?

In partnership with Tanen Directed Advertising, a leading direct marketing financial services company, we offer a range of services to improve your collections communications program strategy and result in increased customer response, decreased roll rates, reduced operations expenses, and improved payments.

These new services have been developed from hundreds of thousands of collections communications programs across multiple lending categories – auto, mortgage, credit cards (issuer and PLCC), student loans – and through all segments of delinquency, from seven days late through post-repo and charge-offs, as well as at-risk populations who are not yet delinquent.

Collections Communications Program Areas:

  • Creative Strategy – We’ll do a Creative Audit to assess your messaging and materials across all segments and compare that to proven best practices.
  • Channel Strategy – We’ll review your use of different communication mediums from an independent and integrated perspective so you can maximize budget.
  • Segmentation Strategy – We’ll look for opportunities to segment your customer database from a communications perspective to help increase response.
  • Testing Strategy – We’ll institute disciplines and provide matrices so you can leverage learning and improve results at the lowest possible costs.
  • Creative Execution – We’ll provide customized communications for your unique company, line of business, and customer population that integrates seamlessly with all Shaw systems and operations.