January 20, 2015

CONSULTING Data Warehouse Development

Be it collections, retail or commercial loan reporting, Shaw business analysts can help you create the reporting suite you need to make critical business decisions. Best of all, we can accomplish this utilizing your current data warehouse development. Or we can design and develop a new data repository utilizing either SQL, Oracle, or DBII technologies.

Data Warehouse Development is one of the most powerful tools available to support a business enterprise. It is, however, far more complex than just collecting data and reporting against it. It requires both business knowledge and technical expertise to meld data from disparate sources into a user friendly format ready for decision makers. 

Data Warehouse Development Key Tasks: 

  • Identify the critical business information
  • Build a list of key reports
  • Collect, consolidate, and organize the data to ensure accuracy, consistency, and usability
  • Train your reporting administrator how to adjust the current reporting suite and create new reports to meet your changing needs and requirements
  • Establish processes for maintaining, enhancing, and ensuring the ongoing success and applicability of the data warehouse and reporting suite

Our subject matter experts will deliver a great user experience, provide a central repository of consistent data, and answer complex queries quickly.