Do You Love Us? Check Out Our Awesome Loan Servicing Software Customer Reviews

Do You Love Us? Check Out Our Awesome Loan Servicing Software Customer Reviews

Curious to know what others are saying about us? We have several loan servicing software customer reviews on Capterra and a few other websites. Here’s what people have to say about us:

“The Collections platform is very configurable and allows you to automate most of the multi-step processes that occur during the an account or customers tenure. This customization does have some learning curve as all systems do, but once you have mastered it you can realize the full benefits the system has to offer.” –  Christopher Mahanna, Director of Technology at Sierra Auto Finance

“The COLLECTIONS platform allows the System Administrator to create workflows and process patterns to control data entry. The processes are able to be defined easily from the COMMANDER application for the software. The ability to control the data entered by the user allows for nearly 100% data consistency.” – Shaun Babin at Crescent Bank and Trust

“CS2000 v 4.6 interfaces easily with the Shaw IL / CL accounting systems. Easy administration features that allow quick adjustments to the system. Templated letters allow for great variety of notices to be selected. The volume of space for notations is essential. Have had issues with demographic displays, i.e. extra characters on the co-borrowers’ sections that have no use.” – Alan McCabe, Senior Vice President – Retail Collections Manager at Frost

“The processes in RETAIL, while somewhat configurable from an entry and user experience standpoint, are very structured from a processing standpoint and what order items post in. The system has the ability to report on most indicators you would normally expect and can be configured to the needs of each individual clients accounting requirements.” –  Shaun Babin at Crescent Bank and Trust

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