Employee Spotlight: Brandy Brotherton

Education & Work History: Brandy joined Shaw in July 2019 and jumped in with excitement over the many opportunities presented.  Coming from a 20+ year career spent in the mortgage industry, primarily in support of financial institution clients, she quickly realized her new venture would afford her the opportunity to draw from past experiences and best practices.

Brandy has worked alongside and supported clients such has Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch and other Fortune 500 banks and Credit Unions and their use of proprietary loan origination and processing software. From RFP to launch of a customized private label relationship and the many regulatory projects required of lenders over the years, Brandy has a solid appreciation of a vendor’s importance to their clients.

Brandy credits the mentors she has worked alongside over her career for the dedication and importance she applies to fostering a strong client connection. Brandy remains in contact with many of her previous clients and believes strongly in building relationships from the networks we are presented with. Making positive connections with individuals, building trust, and leading with honesty provide the same return regardless of working with a major broker dealer or a local small-town credit union.

Interests & Family: Brandy resides in South Jersey with her husband Jim and 3 kids that she considers her coolest and most amazing accomplishment.  Meghan (23) with an awesome career in the music business currently working for Live Nation, Alex (21) in his senior year of college with a future in sports communications and Abigail (16) just starting her junior year of high school and thoroughly enjoying the “only child” status she has recently obtained.

Time spent with the family, be it on vacations to the mountains, family dinners, drives to the shore, or simply kicking back at a coffee shop to people watch, is what she considers the best part of life.

Rave Review: Brandy’s manager Fred says: “Brandy brings to Shaw a special combination of technical comprehension and stellar client and customer service skills. Her level of professionalism can be witnessed in all situations and circumstances and she always looking for ways to improve the overall client experience.”

Brandy’s Perspective: “In my role as Director of Client Support, I’m very excited for what the future holds at Shaw.  With a diverse client base, always providing ample opportunities for growth and improvement; strong teams to support our goals; and pretty amazing colleagues, I look forward to the work ahead.”

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why? A Sommelier with a small, west coast vineyard.  Why?   I find the knowledge fascinating and it is one of my most favorite things.

If you had a winning lottery ticket and won $10 million, what would you do? After giving most of it away to those that need it more than I, I would increase the size of the vineyard.