Employee Spotlight: Cheryl Hood

Employee Spotlight: Cheryl Hood, Project Manager

Employee Spotlight: Cheryl Hood

Education: Cheryl has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

Resume and Job Description: Cheryl worked as a Public Accountant/CPA before going to work in banking, first as a Bank Controller, then for Commerce Bank in Kansas City as VP/Manager of their Commercial Loan Services. On her first day of work at Commerce, she met three key Shaw employees/Consultants. That was the beginning of a great relationship with Shaw, as she served on the Commercial EAB for several years after that. She moved to Washington State to be near her children and grandchildren in 2009, and after working in a different industry as an Operations Manager, came to work August 2013 for Shaw as a Resource Solutions Consultant working with Ally Financial as they installed Recovery. That turned into a full-time position with Shaw six months later, working with new clients as they installed our systems – there were 18 new clients installing various applications at one point in 2014!

Rave Review: Bryan Hermann, Cheryl’s manager, said: “Cheryl Hood is an integral part of the PMO. Her knowledge of the industry, Shaw Systems, and good business practices are invaluable to building a PMO that just makes sense. She is never afraid to take on a challenge or provide open and honest feedback.

When the PMO needed to create a Customer Engagement role, Cheryl stepped up to take on what was known to be a tough role. She has continued to make improvements defining the role. As her manager, I feel confident in giving Cheryl any problem and she will come up with a solution for both short term and long term goals.

Thank you, Cheryl Hood, for making my transition to Shaw Systems easier.”

Family and Interests: Cheryl has a son who works for Sound Transit in Seattle (building the Light Rail) as a Project Scheduler (he works with seven-year project plans!)  and a six-year-old grandson, Foster. Her daughter (originally from Cambodia) also works and lives in Seattle. Cheryl is married to James Addington for almost two years, proving it is NEVER too late to meet the love of your life! They moved from Seattle to Lummi Island, off the coast of NW Washington.

She is interested in the environment, social justice, and theater. She is on the Board of Directors for a national not-for-profit organization whose mission is to focus on social justice and environmental issues through community involvement. She believes the climate crisis is the greatest danger to our times and she is always looking for ways to positively impact climate action. She is also on the Finance Board of her local church.

This year, she has logged an average 15-20 miles a week walking around Lummi Island enjoying the incredible views of mountains, ocean, and trees.

Perspective: Cheryl says: “Shaw has always felt like family to me. During my years on the EAB, I made a number of great colleagues and friends, many of whom still work here. The company is sized well to provide quick response and personal service to its clients. As a project and Customer Engagement Manager, I work to maintain healthy client relationships, functioning as liaison between customers and our always-busy Product Development teams.”