Employee Spotlight: Chris McCann, Quality Assurance Analyst

Resume and Job Description:  Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematical Science, a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education from VCU. He taught algebra at VCU during grad school.

Chris previously taught math and physics at Lee-Davis High and Atlee High School for eight years and was an assistant track coach during those years as well. He was also a Programmer/Analyst at Circuit City’s corporate headquarters for twelve years.

Chris is a Quality Assurance Analyst at Shaw Systems and has been with the company for almost 14 years now. He has added and updated FitNesse tests for SPECTRUM. He is glad to be transitioning from full UI to full automation right now.

Rave Review: “Chris consistently delivers beyond expectations in all areas. He demonstrates that he cares about his job, his coworkers, and the company. Chris commits to getting the job done and brings a great attitude to the team.”-  Kristina Ford, Manager, Quality Control

Family & Interests: Chris is married to Coni. They have a dog named Sweet Pea and a cat named Izzy. Chris grew up in Mechanicsville and lives in Chesterfield, Virginia. He has two brothers and one sister. He is a member of a local astronomy club and he enjoys track and field. He is a fully certified official for the USATF for over twenty years. Chris and another official are responsible for certifying and training over 150 officials in Virginia. He has worked all levels of meets and all age groups (4 years of age to 105 years old), and has had the opportunity to travel around for this. He also loves watching many other sports, especially baseball.

Perspective: Chris says: “My job keeps me busy. We all have full plates, but we also help each other when we can (other departments too). The Shaw employees are family. We know about each other’s families and kids, and some of the ‘going-ons’ in their life. I had the opportunity to recently travel to Houston and work with the testers down there. Very impressed with their attitude and determination. Combining them and the three testers I work with up here, this group is some of the best testers I’ve ever worked with. Lots of potential and great attitudes! I feel lucky.”