Employee Spotlight: Jason Major

Employee Spotlight: Jason MajorEmployee Spotlight: Jason Major, Senior Software Developer, SPECTRUM

Education: Jason received a Computer Science Degree from VCU.

Resume and Job Description: Before Shaw Jason worked for Circuit City as an application developer working on a new point of sale application. Jason joined Shaw in July 2004 and is currently a senior software developer for our SPECTRUM software products.

Rave Review: “In my 15+ years working with Shaw Systems, I have worked with Jason on a variety of projects. Among Jason’s great technical talents (and there are many), he is thoughtful, attentive, friendly, and funny, even under the most stressful of circumstances. Jason is one of the original architects and developers of the SPECTRUM user interface. He has always designed and delivered solid code solutions no matter what project he is working on.  Recently, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Jason on the architecture team where I can more easily see his significant contributions to the SPECTRUM application and to Shaw’s customers. Jason is truly a phenomenal individual who adds significant value to Spectrum in many, many ways.”  Says Jason’s manager, Jeff Shultz.

Family and Interests: Jason has two siblings, Aaron and Eric. Eric passed away this year after a fight with brain cancer which was really tough, but his family here at Shaw has really helped him through that. This year marks the 10th year of marriage to his wife Laura with whom he has two children Leah (7) and Luke (2). He spends as much time with them as he possibly can. He particularly enjoys the driveway T-Ball pickup games. He loves watching and playing sports. His favorite sports are baseball and football. He is a gym rat and enjoys technology (shiny hackable things are interesting to him), the outdoors (camping, hiking, beach), and reading.

Perspective: Jason says: “I really enjoy the diverseness of my job at Shaw. As a senior developer and member of the architecture team I am provided with many opportunities to improve our product offerings. From week to week I find myself working on different functional and technical requirements, providing plenty of challenges to keep things interesting. My focus these days are on integration, build and installer process improvements, and a multitude of web layer improvements.

The team of guys I work with teach me new things about this industry every day. The reason I enjoy the challenges of the job so much, is that our team is so sharp that if I can’t find the answer somebody here will have it or help me find it. I have been working with many of these guys for close to 10 years so we know each other very well and have grown together, there is definitely a comradery amongst us.”