Employee Spotlight: Kristina Ford, Manager, Quality Control

Employee Spotlight: Kristina FordEducation: Kristina attended VCU and JTCC.  She majored in Forensics and Business Administration and Management. While at JTCC she received an award for outstanding achievement in chemistry.

Resume and Job Description: Kristina previously worked at SunTrust for 15 years prior to coming to Shaw. She held a few different roles including BSA, Access Database Developer, and Post-closing system administrator.

Kristina joined Shaw in September 2016 as a BSA. She now manages the Release Coordinators and the Testers for the SPECTRUM, RETAIL, and COLLECTIONS products.

Rave Review: Kristina’s manager Terry Meek says: “Kristina is one of Shaw’s newer employees and has an extensive Business Analyst background. Kristina has utilized her business processes and organizational experience in the Quality Control and Release Coordination areas, rapidly increasing the effectiveness of both areas. She has become a key part of Shaw’s restructuring and drive towards increased client satisfaction with the entire Shaw experience. Kristina constantly has a smile for everyone and her positive attitude is infectious. She is always willing to assist coworkers and management, even when that assistance may not be within her area of responsibility. She is a great Shaw employee who has even more to contribute!”

Family and Interests: Kristina recently got engaged and is currently busy combining households with her fiancee Jaime. She has a four year old daughter named Aubrey and two step-sons named Louis and Jaime. Kristina enjoys home improvement, scrapbooking, bowling, and family activities.

Perspective: Kristina says “This is an exciting time to be a part of the Shaw family and I’m looking forward to contributing to the upcoming growth and resulting changes.”