Employee Spotlight: Norm Schow

Employee Spotlight: Norm Schow, Senior Business Systems Analyst, COMMERCIAL

Shaw Welcomes Norm Schow

Education: Norm attended Brigham Young University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a minor in Computer Science.  During his education he worked as a computer operator for a small group of banks processing their daily activity.

Resume and Job Description: Norm’s first full-time job was with Zions Bank. Zions had just purchased the CL2000 system from Shaw Systems and because of his accounting background, computer experience, and skills, he was hired into a new department in the Bank – Commercial Loan Processing. Up to that point the main office had been running their commercial loans on a mini-computer, but all of the branches were still processing their own commercial loans manually. On his first day with Zions his assignment was to go to the first branch they had converted to Shaw CL2000 over the previous weekend and reconcile that conversion, validate the loan conversion information, collateral information, and General Ledger interface.

He spent the next two years traveling throughout the state of Utah converting a branch a week, writing up and auditing the loan and collateral information, sending it to the Commercial Loan Processing department to book on Shaw over the weekend, then going back to that branch to balance and reconcile the conversion before moving on to the next branch. He had similar opportunities to work with converting banks as they were acquired throughout the west. By the end of his career with Zions he was managing twelve employees in Commercial Loans-Central Processing, and coordinating the commercial processing with five other affiliate banking organizations throughout the intermountain and west coast area.

After 17 ½ years with Zions he had the opportunity to work for Shaw Systems Associates, Inc. The first project he worked on was a conversion to CL2000 for a competitor bank in Salt Lake City. His office during this conversion was one block away from his old office at Zions Bank. Norm is Shaw’s Senior Business Systems Analyst for COMMERCIAL. His current position and responsibilities have given him the opportunity to work with all of Shaw’s wonderful COMMERCIAL loan customers, from conversion support to providing operational analysis. This has provided him with the chance to make many new friends while supporting their use of the Shaw COMMERCIAL loan platform.

Rave Review: Norm’s manager, Brian Barber says: “Norm is such an asset to the COMMERCIAL product team. He is truly an advocate for users of the software. His experience and knowledge of the software are a great combination. He is easy to work with and has been a great help to me as the product manager. When the customer needs a resource on site or I need someone to lead some sessions at a workshop, Norm is always ready and glad to help. Our customers and the product team are lucky to have him at Shaw Systems.”

Family and Interests: He and his wife (Cindy) were married on Valentine’s Day in 1974.  His family was blessed with seven children, two girls, and five boys.  His family has since expanded to include seven son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws and twenty-three grandchildren, which are the delight of his life.  He has a number of hobbies and interests, so many in fact, his wife says he will never be able to retire because they will all immediately compete for his time.  He loves gardening, cooking, hunting, and fishing.  He lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains which provides hiking, biking, and camping opportunities, as well as horseback riding.  His involvement in scouting has provided many opportunities to participate in all of these.  He also loves woodworking and model railroading, hence the competition for his time when retirement comes.

Perspective: Norm says: “I have had the privilege to work with some of the greatest people within and outside of Shaw Systems and some of the greatest organizations in the banking industry over the past 22+ years and I cherish every friendship developed.  I love this job.  Someone once asked me if I ever get bored and I tell them I learn something new about the COMMERCIAL system and how people use it every day, so there is no way to become bored.”