Employee Spotlight: Sonya Dickerson, Release Coordinator

Resume and Job Description: Sonya previously worked at SunTrust. She spent ten years working on the mortgage side and five years on the bank side supporting the loan servicing system and various collections programs. During that time she was responsible for things like requirements gathering, testing, documentation, deployment, internal system support, and MS Access design & development.

Sonya is a Release Coordinator at Shaw Systems. She makes sure all code that ends up with a client is fully vetted through our internal processes. She also coordinates and tracks the deliveries to each client to ensure they don’t lose functionality with the next delivery. As the Release Coordinator she establishes and enforces release timelines, communicates roadblocks/concerns to the executives and other stakeholders and drives a multitude of meetings.

Rave Review: Sonya’s manager Kristina Cortes says: “Sonya’s ability to organize and drive the release process is astonishing. It’s easy to be impressed by how well she does her job. Her tireless dedication is unwavering and invaluable to Shaw and we are very lucky to have her!”

Family & Interests: Sonya has a seventeen year old son named Alex and a dog named Lily. She is close to her mom and has four siblings, along with a bunch of nieces and nephews.

Sonya teaches the 3rd-5th graders at her church and enjoys jumping around praising in “Big Church”.  She likes to watch movies with her son, eat chocolate, drive down back roads, go camping, and play games on her phone.

Perspective: Sonya says: “I love Shaw. Even on the craziest of days, it is a great company. I love the family feel and that I can just be real. Laughing together helps lighten the day. I enjoy walking around the lake and spending time building friendships. I am incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement I receive on a regular basis.”

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