Employee Spotlight: Terry Meek

Employee Spotlight: Terry Meek, Senior Vice President, Loan Servicing Products

Employee Spotlight: Terry Meek

Education: Terry attended Oklahoma Christian College. He has almost 40 years in the automotive lending world.

Resume and Job Description: Terry joined Shaw’s Houston office in July 2016. He is our Senior Vice President of loan servicing products. He is currently working on developing a Standard Configuration for Shaw auto-lending products. He’s also been tasked with overseeing the Americas Leading Finance project.

Rave Review: Terry’s manager Chris Shaw said: “Terry brings a wealth of experience to Shaw Systems and we are excited about his role at the company. He has amazing energy and enthusiasm that he’s used while working to help us achieve our goals. His background in business gives him an overall understanding of how to improve customer satisfaction and his ability to motivate our team has led to even more successes. Terry’s knack for accurate strategy planning and quick implementation has contributed immensely to the recent successes in our company.”

Family and Interests: Terry has been married for eight years to Shaojun Wang, and has two grown sons from a previous marriage. Terry enjoys traveling, archaeology, OU Football, and reading.

Perspective: Terry says: “There are a lot of opportunities to help the company grow and consolidate its reputation as the leader in loan servicing software. The people at Shaw are amazing – friendly, open, committed to making Shaw the best and, most amazing of all, the time they have stayed with the company. I think that says a tremendous amount about both the employees and the company.”