Five Motivational YouTube Videos

five motivational videos

Five Motivational YouTube Videos

Everyone could use a shot of inspiration from time to time. Inspiration can fuel you when you’re up against long hours and hard work. Sometimes a great motivational talk is all you need to boost your confidence and move through times of stress, challenge, or adversity.

One great thing about YouTube is how many positive videos they have to watch. Even better than a great quote, a positive video can give you a real boost because it has the added benefit of music and visuals while hearing spoken words. Motivational videos inspire, elevate, and instill confidence and drive into those who listen to them.

Here are five motivational YouTube videos to watch when you need a boost of motivation:

  1. Be phenomenal
  2. The definition of a champion
  3. Chase your dream
  4. “If today were the last day of my life.” – Steve Jobs
  5. Be fearless