Increase Your Productivity With Shaw’s Loan Servicing Software

Increase Your Productivity With Shaw’s Loan Servicing Software


Shaw Systems provides one fully-integrated modern web-based servicing application which supports every aspect of the account lifecycle including delinquency management through recovery and beyond. Our solution is offered both in the Cloud hosted and as an Onsite license.

North America’s top financial institutions including banks, credit unions, and auto finance leaders are our clients and provide references for Shaw for our valued products and service levels.

Identifying accounts at risk for delinquency or charge-off earlier in their lifecycle increases the chance of keeping those accounts active. Shaw Systems provides sophisticated controls for daily account treatment of specific accounts. Automation within a loan servicing department is vital for increasing capacity which generally reduces operating costs. Providing collectors with additional time daily also allows them to concentrate on higher-risk accounts and high-yielding tasks such as speaking with borrowers.

Leveraging Shaw’s inherent workflow automation tools increases process efficiencies and can provide significant gains in productivity and operational control. With our tools, collection resources can be strategically positioned to focus their efforts on key processes and accounts for a maximum return on your investment. More control of delinquency management operations provides valuable transparency.

Risk can be more easily contained and losses can be prevented in many ways such as better documentation, efficient follow-up and adhering with company standards and compliance requirements at the State or Province level. Missing certain legal/insurer/guarantor requirements may expose a lender to unnecessary risks or loss of privileges. Our automated rules help to ensure that documents are created at the right time for each account in this scenario.

Recovery is one of the more important areas of the delinquency management landscape. Shaw provides tools for automatically tracking payment schedules, workout scenarios, and third-party assignments, including sophisticated interfaces for receiving updates real time.

Shaw Systems provides financial transparency and control which enables our clients to decrease loan losses and improve collections strategies while increasing customer services capabilities. Increasing talk-time and automating workflow processes is the key to reducing risk and ensuring that corporate goals are being tracked, met and improved upon.

In summary, Shaw Systems loan servicing software can increase your productivity in the following ways:

  • Users save time on training by learning an easy to use and intuitive system.
  • Save time generating reports.
  • It helps grow and develop your business.
  • Makes the process simpler, so you can do business quicker.

Interested in our loan servicing software? Shaw invites you to experience the knowledge, service, and expertise that others have known since 1967 at Shaw Systems. Please don’t hesitate to call us if we can be of assistance. You can reach us at 713.782.7730 or