Lenders Preparing For The Holiday’s With Something New

Holiday season is a time of giving thanks, traveling, and celebrating. Whether it’s cooking turkey and stuffing, preparing for holiday guest arrivals, baking homemade pies, throwing company events, or spending days in the comfort of your home, it takes time and money.

The same is true for businesses across the country. Reporting end of year financials, preparing next year’s budget, and scheduling resources available to complete these responsibilities doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of tasks to be completed prior to year-end, requiring time and money. No matter the circumstance, organizations are challenged with holiday season chaos and coma. Here at Shaw, we understand times can be challenging and look forward to helping our clients by delivering recommendations for improving resource utilization and accelerating cash flow during this crazy time of year.

I think it’s best to just write this part out instead of having a numbered list.


Billions of dollars are reaching 90+ days delinquent in today’s economy while total loan charge-offs and recoveries increase year over year. In addition, money tied up in bankruptcies can result in legal fees, remarketing costs, and time tied up in compliantly managing these accounts. Shaw’s relationships with organizations specialized in purchasing and servicing bankruptcies, charge-offs, and delinquencies are excited to continue to do what they do best, service lenders by offloading non-performing assets. This gives lenders the ability to reinvest resource time and receive immediate cash back to focus on what they do best, lending.

Below is a broad list of the types of accounts that can be purchased and/or serviced:

  • Charged-off Consumer Loans
  • Partially Performing Assets
  • Non-Performing Assets
  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies
  • Auto Deficiencies
  • Judgement Portfolios

What’s next?

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