Lise Venning Makes Quilts for Local Charities

Lise Venning Makes Quilts for Local Charities

Lise Venning

Senior Technical Writer Lise Venning, a member of The Richmond Quilters Guild for about 3 1/2 years, collaborates with the guild’s members to donate handmade quilts to local charities like Safe Harbor, an organization that provides education, advocacy, counseling, and shelter to victims of domestic violence.

“Members of our group make quilts (individually and as a group) for people who are housed in this facility as a symbol of comfort as they attempt to move on with their lives,” said Lise. “In addition, our group donates gas cards and household and personal items to help in their transition.” 

The guild also donates quilts to Richmond-area neonatal centers. “Quilters make baby quilts for infants who experience longer-than-normal time in hospitals,” Lise said. “I have also participated in making quilts for a local quilt shop who sent these to Haiti last summer.”

Even animals benefit from the group’s quilting skills: the quilters have donated dog beds to a local animal shelter.