Auto Finance Loan Servicing Software By The Numbers

Auto Finance Loan Servicing Software By The Numbers

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Shaw’s experience in the auto finance loan servicing industry is unmatched.

For more than four decades, the nation’s leading financial companies have depended on Shaw Systems’ auto finance loan management software to support a variety of consumer loan products. It’s built on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), which reduces integration expenses, increases business agility, and decreases business risk. Our loan management software products offer an online and highly configurable lending solution with many different user interfaces, data storage, hardware, and deployment options. Real-time processing, full backdating and user configurable screens are just a few of its features.

Our auto loan management software for banks, credit unions, auto dealers, and finance companies has proven functionality and offers exceptional quality. We’ve partnered with top financial services companies to ensure they have the features and functionality to stay competitive in the marketplace now and in the future.

Just take a look at the auto finance numbers below as they speak for themselves:

  • 6 of the top 10 run on Shaw
  • 13 of the top 100 run on Shaw
  • 7 of the top 25 Prime run on Shaw
  • 8 of the top 25 Subprime run on Shaw

Source: Big Wheels Auto Finance Data 2016