Member Business Solutions Improves Loan Servicing with COMMERCIAL

strattera no prescription Member Business Solutions Improves Loan Servicing with COMMERCIAL

Member Business Solutions (MBS) partners with client credit unions throughout the country to service their commercial loan portfolios. MBS serves 80+ credit unions and offers a business-ready, start-up package that allows credit unions to enter the business services marketplace quickly and successfully.

MBS’ primary mission is to provide fast and efficient back room operations that allow credit unions to concentrate on delivering excellent service to their business members. By centralizing credit analysis, underwriting, credit policy, and back-office support, MBS offers the tools and operational expertise needed at a fraction of the cost of starting a program independently. This approach frees credit unions’ internal resources to focus on growing the business services program.

MBS’ experienced and seasoned professionals can assist credit unions on a variety of related levels, including making loan decisions. With solid experience in underwriting and the processing field, MBS staff has maintained focus on the commercial loan arena to create its NCUA-compliant solutions. Challenges
Because MBS services a large number of credit unions with many complex participation arrangements, traditional loan systems could not meet their needs. To accommodate client requests, a good portion of their reporting efforts were being performed manually. In addition, the servicing system they were using was not a dedicated commercial platform, so they had to manually adjust loans. After the addition of two new customers with large commercial portfolios in 2012, they began looking for a better servicing solution. Solution
MBS implemented Shaw’s COMMERCIAL™ system via the Shaw Hosting Solutions environment. They currently service in excess of $110,000,000 in commercial loans and participations through the
hosted site. The implementation went smoothly, thanks to the teamwork of MBS’ staff and the Shaw COMMERCIAL product and technical teams.

With Shaw, MBS can service their credit union clients more effectively and efficiently. MBS relies on Shaw to perform all of the daily processes such as posting payments, generating loan notices, and creation of ACH files so that staff are now free to focus on process exceptions, rather than actual data entry activities. Shaw’s ability to produce monthly 1502 SBA reporting directly from the system saves staff 3 full workdays each month. This shift in focus allows MBS to provide a higher quality of service than they could before, all with the same number of staff.