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Carfinco Is Live On Shaw’s Spectrum Loan Servicing Software

Shaw Systems is pleased to announce that Carfinco is live on our Spectrum loan servicing software. Both Carfinco and the Shaw team worked in collaboration to position the system to support their Canadian auto finance clients. Spectrum loan servicing will manage every aspect of the Carfinco’s account life cycle. Carfinco is committed to consumer automotive loans through their network of franchise and select independent dealer’s partners for new and used vehicles.

About Carfinco

Carfinco provides consumer automotive loans for both new and used vehicles to Canadians in all provinces through our network of franchise and select independent dealer partners. Our comprehensive set of loan products can provide financing to customers with a wide range of credit profiles, including those that have less than a perfect credit history. Whether you are a dealer or a consumer, contact us today to find out more about how Carfinco can assist with your financing needs.