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Shaw Partners With CSG

CSG, a leading provider of digital and customer experience solutions, recently became an alliance partner of Shaw Systems Associates, a top loan servicing software company. CSG’s customer communication management solutions will be fully integrated into Shaw Systems software providing Shaw’s clients with a faster, easier way to communicate with their customers in the digital channels that customers prefer, such as e-mail, social media, web and SMS/text.

“CSG helps fill an ever-increasing need for Shaw Systems. The days of being able to effectively collect or service an account via the telephone are decreasing exponentially, and creating a seamless engaging customer experience is of utmost importance. One of our highest priorities is to provide the best solution to meet the growing demand for digital customer communications. Leveraging CSG’s capabilities, we are looking forward to providing an omni-channel customer communication journey,” states Stephen Brannon, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Shaw.

With CSG’s capabilities, Shaw clients will be able to communicate with their customers via social media, online and mobile chat, two-way texting, and electronic document delivery. “These channels will work together to create a continued conversation with customers,” said Brannon. “A customer can start a conversation in one channel, continue the same conversation on another channel, and finish the conversation in a third or fourth channel—exactly the same way millennials are communicating with each other on a daily basis. Eighty-nine percent (89%) of the apps being used on smart phones are built for electronic messaging and communication. Shaw is looking forward to working with CSG to continue to provide more value in this area to our customers.”


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