People’s Bank Runs RETAIL to Meet Their Business Needs


People’s Bank Runs RETAIL to Meet Their Business Needs

People’s Bank, a Shaw client for over a decade, is a diversified financial services company providing commercial, consumer, insurance, and investment services. It is the largest independent bank in Connecticut with assets of more than $12 billion, more than 150 branches, and 230 ATMs.

People’s Bank uses Shaw’s RETAIL system to service daily simple interest loans, revolving, and non-revolving line of credit. Ivette Gonzalez and Janice Scully are key members of People’s RETAIL system support team.

Ivette, a Project Specialist in the Consumer Loan Servicing area, started working at People’s in 1980. Her responsibilities include support of the RETAIL system by maintaining the Bank Control Records, Edit Files, Products, Upgrades, Reports and Enhancements. She also provides user support and system training and coordinates the Year-end IRS reporting process.

Jan has been with the bank since 1984. She is a Consumer Loan Representative in the Consumer Loan Servicing area and has extensive system knowledge based on years of payment exception processing. Jan’s responsibilities include system testing, training, research, and monitoring the amortized Equity Credit Lines. Jan also assists other areas with functions such as exception processing, balancing, and new loan setup.

Last year Ivette and Jan worked on the upgrade of the RETAIL system. “We’ve enjoyed working closely with various Shaw representatives and have obtained greater system knowledge as a result,” Jan said. 

Some of Ivette and Jan’s team accomplishments have included the following:

  • Building their Bank Control Records (BCR), Insurance Control Records (ICR), System Security, Edit files, and Simplified Input Screens to meet their business needs.
  • Elimination of customized in-house programs and reports to utilize Shaw’s software and obtain greater system benefits.
  • Automation of Prepayment Penalties and Insurance Rebates via RETAIL.
  • Online storage of Insurance Certificate numbers.
  • Creation of RETAIL Simplified Input screens for new loan setup and maintenance.
  • Creation of a standard sequence number for property addresses.
  • Development of the “Tip of the Day,” an e-mail notification to the staff of any System updates, enhancements, and procedural changes.

The RETAIL team’s knowledge of the system and their spirit of teamwork make for a winning combination at People’s Bank.