Seven Questions With Mike Rogers

Seven Questions With Mike Rogers, Business Development Director, ACI Worldwide

Seven Questions With Mike Rogers


Mike Rogers is a Business Development Director for ACI Worldwide. Mike is based in the San Francisco bay area. He leads a Consumer Finance team that works primarily with banks, credit unions and billers to grow consumer electronic payment transactions, e-billing and associated financial benefits. Mike manages the market facing relationships with MasterCard and Visa to help grow debit card acceptance and adoption in Consumer Finance and other bill pay verticals.

Mike has worked at ACI Worldwide (and previously Online Resources) for the past 5 years. Prior to ACI, Mike was a sales, marketing, product development and payments Executive in the mortgage market. Mike has been a Co-Founder of Newcourse Communications and Paymap, Inc (now part of Western Union Payment Services). He was also a Senior Vice President with First Data.

Mike holds a B.A. in Organizational Behavior from the University of California, Berkeley.

What’s your #1 business priority for 2016?

Increase revenues for ACI and our partners at Shaw by increasing debit card adoption, consumer engagement/loyalty and operational efficiencies for our mutual Consumer Finance Biller clients.

The leading characteristic of a financial services organization?

Market expert, adaptive, customer focused, trusted, collaborative partner with service providers.

Your top piece of advice for future financial services executives?

Similar to financial services providers…a successful executive should be a Market expert, data and finance savvy, adaptive, client and consumer focused, and a trusted, collaborative partner with their clients, colleagues and industry partners.

When you were 20, what did you envision for your career?

Sports Marketing. I just moved later to Bank/Payments Marketing & Business Development.

The most unusual job you’ve ever had?

Managed the fantasy camps for seven Major League Baseball teams including my hometown area SF Giants and  Oakland A’s.

Your favorite book or movie?

Movie –  ‘The Commitments’ or ‘Almost Famous’. Book – Be My Guest, Conrad Hilton.

Favorite quote or motto?

Quote, “Working together for the betterment of all.”, Mike Rogers.
Motto, “Forever Grateful” Hunter Pence.