Shaw Systems Partners with Solutions by Text

solutions By Text

Shaw Systems Associates, Inc., an established software solutions provider serving North America’s top financial service companies, and Solutions by Text, a global mobile communications provider, have partnered to provide Shaw users an integrated, compliance-driven texting solution. This new partnership provides text messaging services for billing reminders, collections, re-marketing, and now text payments for enrolled customers. The integration of the Solutions by Text (SBT) service extends beyond simple implementation of text messaging. SBT takes a consulting approach to ensure a customer’s Short Message Service (SMS, or “texting”) policies and disclaimers are in compliance, and assist with any necessary updates. The cornerstone of the SBT service is Verify by Text: the ability to confirm customer permission and possession of the device for the cell number provided. The foundation of the service is improved customer service through the use of triggered messages designed to reduce delinquencies, improve collections and extend marketing offers to previous customers. The newest evolution is SBT Dialogue. This breakthrough feature allows your CSR team and call center to re-engage the customer via 2-way texting to further improve delinquencies and quickly reconcile past due accounts.

“Our clients recognize that customers with successful loan cycles are the best source for repeat and referral business,” said Cyndy Stone, Shaw Systems’ Chief Operating Officer. “Therefore, providing our clients with the ability to improve the overall customer experience through advanced communication campaigns will improve on-time payments, reduce collection costs, and facilitate the growth of solid customer relationships.”

“Texting has evolved into a preferred method of communication and the impact of the digital consumer is naming a new generation of customers that are not bound together by age, but rather their connectivity – Generation C,” said Danny Cantrell, Solutions by Text CEO/Founder. “According to Nielsen research, 94% of text messages are opened within 9 minutes of receipt. This phenomenon has created a tremendous advantage in your overall communication recipe for billing reminders, collections, payments, loyalty and re-Marketing.”

About Solutions by Text

Solutions by Text (a division of Marketing Response Solutions, founded in 1996) has identified and streamlined communication proficiencies for a vast array of industry leaders. With a solid understanding of SMS compliance requirements, SBT combines sound consulting with software efficiencies to automate the process. Now a customer receives the perfect message each time they meet specific criteria! For more information, visit or call 1-800-979-1212.