August 6, 2015

Boarding Software

Boarding Software

Shaw’s boarding software functionality streamlines your operations by automatically booking the required information from your origination processing system into the loan pipeline. You no longer need to input data multiple times prior to boarding to the host application. Shaw’s boarding software, also known as CREDITSTREAM,  imports the required boarding information from your origination processing system and loads the data into the boarding pipeline.

Once in the pipeline of our boarding software, any changes to the deal prior to boarding can be made by reimporting the deal from the updated origination processing file, or by entering the changes directly into the pipeline tables. An example of data changing would be a one-day delay in the loan being booked and money released. This would cause the start dates for interest accrual to change.

Prior to actual boarding, items may be tracked and activities scheduled that are required to perfect the boarding. Rules may be set during import or at boarding. These rules may be set to prevent boarding until a specific action is taken, or they may be set to generate a post-boarding follow-up. A sample rule might be requiring a borrower signature. Our full-featured boarding software with a pipeline tracking system is designed to import a loan or lease from a source system and automatically track custom checklists and activities to all deal components including exceptions, documents, covenants, financial statements, appraisals, UCCs, and more.

We want to help you solve your businesses credit management and pipeline tracking problems. Shaw’s boarding software can make all the difference because it’s easy to use, automates several processes, and will grow with your company, now and in the future. If you want to learn more about our boarding software solution, click on the free demo or questions button below, or call us to get in touch with us.