January 19, 2015

CREDITSTREAM Date-Initiated Activities

Date-Initiated Activities

CREDITSTREAM provides the capability to track items and schedule activities and actions related to those tracked items.

Date-Initiated Activities are reminders to complete or perform some action. Activities can be created as a result of a checklist review or many other reasons. Activities can be assigned to designated individuals for follow-up and resolution.

The Activity to be performed is described in the free-form Description field. The date by which to perform the Activity is defined by Deadline Date. A Base Activity is attached to a Customer, Commitment, Collateral, Deal, Loan, Lease, or Item and may include text.

Activities deadline dates can be automatically advanced into the future by CREDITSTREAM.

An operator or supervisor can search for date-initiated activities by deadline date to determine what tasks need to be completed by a given date.

Optionally, boarding can be stopped if an activity is still open.