January 19, 2015

CREDITSTREAM Improved Accuracy and Data Integrity

By minimizing the number of times data needs to be entered or maintained, CREDITSTREAM can improve the overall accuracy and data integrity. This can be attributed to three primary CREDITSTREAM facilities: import data templates, checklists, and rules. A Data Template defines the mapping of data from an imported file to the Pipeline Tables. A Template is used during the data import process to move or translate data values on imported files. 

Accuracy and Data Integrity Checklist

  • The type of data that must be included in the deal
    • Customer
    • Commitment
    • Loan
    • Collateral
  • Remind the operator to look for specific documents in the deal
    • Appraisals
    • Employment verification
    • Insurance certification
  • Remind the operator of follow up that is required
    • Annual financial statements
    • Required signatures
    • Schedule Escrow disbursements