January 19, 2015

CREDITSTREAM Promotes a More Paperless Environment

Promotes a More Paperless Environment

CREDITSTREAM’s easy access to data reduces the need for the creation and filing of paper, thus promoting a paperless environment. From the initial importing into CREDITSTREAM, the information imported is available for viewing in a centralized location. A workflow environment can be created by the assignment of follow-up activities, allowing individuals or departments to do their piece of the work, and move the process to the next group that needs to work on the data. This follow-up function works for perfecting a loan and tracking existing loans with follow-ups like reminders for UCC filing dates.

CREDITSTREAM also reduces the need to produce paper reports with online selection of data and a flexible reporting function to create user-specific ad hoc reports that can be viewed online.

Selection and querying for information online is accomplished with CREDITSTREAM’s flexible find screens, allowing users to narrow their searches by selecting multiple columns at once. The combination of multiple columns returns a small list of entries that can be worked easily. 

CREDITSTREAM enables the creation of ad hoc reports that can be viewed online instead of being printed. These reports can be customized to just the specific information a user is looking for, resulting in a more paperless environment. Please see the topic Enables User-Driven Portfolio Reporting