January 19, 2015

COLLECTIONS Customizable Screens

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Customizable Screens

Not every user has the same information needs, so why should all of your personnel have to view the information the same way? The collections system supports different customizable screens for each unique user role so that everyone has the perfect set of information essential to getting their jobs done efficiently. 

In the past, systems administrators could alter the way information was presented to the operators and product users. With the shift to browser-based presentation environments, the need to customize the user experience became a foundational design principle. Most web applications provide static pages that only show the information one way. Static pages are quicker to develop, but their business value is limited. 

To solve this problem, Shaw developed a design tool called ViewPoint that allows your business units to define the content needed for a specific user role and make it available across the application. The web pages are built dynamically and passed to the browser along with the data payload to be rendered. Providing unique customizable screens for each specific business process is a tremendous performance booster, standardizing your processes and streamlining workflow. 

Customizable Screens