January 19, 2015

COLLECTIONS Predictive and Analytic Auto Dialer Integration

Auto Dialer

Auto Dialers today consist not only of mass campaigns intended to call as many numbers as possible in a given timeframe, they are also becoming increasingly more analytic in nature. We enhance the overall dialer experience by allowing you to decide how you use your auto dialer with our collections system.


Scheduled adapter processes handle the traditional daily upload file for delivery to your auto dialer system, containing the fields you select and only those accounts your strategy dictates. The collections system also handles the traditional “kill file” consisting of accounts to be excluded from the dialer’s remaining calling activities for the day. The timing of this exclusion file is configurable by the system administrator.


Our collections desktop application provides seamless communications to any third-party Auto Dialer providing an API via our .NET Dialer or Dialer Gateway architecture. The API itself may be COM or WebServices based. We fully integrate with the major dialer products in the marketplace today. The end-user experience is enriched by allowing the collector to work within the collections system.