January 19, 2015

COLLECTIONS Role-Based Screens, Queues, and Activities

Collections Role-Based Screens, Queues, and Activities

A bankruptcy specialist may require a completely different view of an account than an early-stage delinquency collector. System configuration facilitates collections role-based screens and user/customer interaction, including different views of accounts presented to different classes of users, queuing rules, and scheduling criteria to allocate and present accounts. Activity, letter, and workflow controls put the user in control of the system instead of the system dictating how your users perform their daily business functions. 

Queuing rules allow you to manage accounts to fit your strategy. Queue scheduling criteria may dictate that accounts in a late-stage delinquency queue are presented highest balance first while those in earlier-stage delinquency queues are presented in days past due sequence.

User access to activities, letters, and workflows are all controlled by your system administrator to ensure that the right people have the right tools to maximize efficiency and minimize clutter.

Our collections system lets YOU implement YOUR corporate collection strategy using collections role-based screens.