January 19, 2015

COLLECTIONS Collector Wizard

The Collector Wizard is a real-time tool that analyzes every customer account and displays key information to the user. This feature can simultaneously evaluate one or multiple data elements associated with a customer and provide guidance, suggestions, or an alert. A notification can contain actual customer data and multiple Wizards may be relevant for a single account. 

The Collector Wizard can act as an online supervisor directing collectors how to handle different account scenarios. New users can be positioned to see all notifications; medium-level collectors might only see rare situations, and experienced collectors just red-flag conditions. 

Collector Wizard

  • Sample Wizard Notifications
  • Broken/Open Promise
  • Multiple Account Relationships
  • Qualifies for an Extension
  • Workflow Process Status
  • Account Condition/Status
  • Language Preference
  • Pending ACH/Payment
  • BK/Repo/Legal Status
  • Customer Level/Grade
  • Cross-sell Opportunities
  • NSF History