May 24, 2017


Shaw Systems offers a state-of-the-art account collections software solution. We are a respected leader in this space with over four decades of experience. Our solution manages every aspect of the account life-cycle through delinquency management, recovery and placement. Our fully integrated solution offers seamless support for the needs of the borrower, branch, dealer, internal staff and management.

The modern lending landscape provides challenges for maintaining a competitive advantage. Improving corporate efficiencies in line with increased volume and compliance requirements is a difficult task. Shaw provides a clear positive advantage to the lending community through automation, technology and integration with value-added industry partners.

Key Features

  • 360 degree view of every customer relationship
  • Modern web-based application
  • Data driven real-time agile technology
  • Tools for managing the account life-cycle
  • Real-time and nightly queue assignments
  • Pop-up account alerts
  • User-defined role-based screens and checklists

Workflow Automation

The workflow features within Collections facilitate account life-cycle automation and streamline processes.
These items include:

  • Account level views and status information
  • Workflow tasks and forms/workgroups/dashboards
  • Queueing assignments and follow-up
  • Checklists and pilot pop-up alerts
  • Customer and account status information
  • Vendor assignment/document processing

This system feature handles process flows that are both linear and branching. Processes which include account selection, smart data-entry and follow-up can be automated with user-defined selections.

Common workflow automation areas include:

  • Customer service
  • Dispute processing
  • Extensions/due date change
  • Modifications/charge-off
  • Bankruptcy/placement
  • Repossession/recovery

Delinquency Management

Shaw Systems’ full-featured collections product accommodates every phase of an account’s life cycle for customer service, dispute tracking, collections and recovery. Shaw manages multiple product types including DDA, loans, lines, mortgage, card, lease, construction, etc. Our product allows our clients to manage complex risk management strategies and business processes.

Our clients are able to provide the highest level of customer service, track disputes and manage the entire distressed debt lifecycle. Our solution enables the targeting of dollars at risk, and identifies trends all while maintaining the customer relationship.

Key Features

  • Collection strategy consulting
  • Automated document management
  • Payment integration tools and partners (ACH, Debit, CC, Mobile, IVR, Text)
  • Predictive and analytic auto dialer integration
  • Promise tracking and reporting
  • Automated and on-demand payment processing

Post Charge-Off Recovery

Shaw provides automation and sophisticated features for focusing on vital needs which occur in the later periods of receivables management. Growing delinquencies are driving organizations to restructure their strategies. Our solution will maximize your recoveries by targeting risk, improving process flows, and effectively managing agency relationships.

Shaw incorporates full financial accounting post charge-off including payments, fees/expenses, and commissions. Shadow Accounting is available to retain the current contract with the customer as well as the book balance. Workflow automation provides more power to create and modify decision strategies and direct internal resources.

Key Features

  • Workflow - bankruptcy, repossession, legal proceedings, skip tracing, etc.
  • Post charge-off shadow accounting and restructuring features
  • Support for behavioral analytic integration
  • Shadow and book balance accounting
  • Collection agency management
  • Sophisticated reporting workbench