January 19, 2015

COMMERCIAL Scripted Data Entry

Commercial Scripted Data Entry

The commercial loan system has an optional feature, Commercial Scripted Data Entry, which is an alternative to the standard input facilities of the system. Commercial Scripted Data Entry allows the creation of a data entry front-end based upon your institution’s business process flow.

Commercial Scripted Data Entry simplifies the data-gathering process. Screens can be designed based on your organization’s specific needs. Custom screens can be developed for different groups of users, providing only the information they need to complete their tasks. 

User-defined scripts allow information to be defaulted from existing records or from pre-defined values. This eliminates the need for user input and ensures data integrity. Input screens can be customized to include a series of transactions incorporating multiple functions, such as setup, maintenance, and monetary entry. Edits can be added to adhere to your institution’s data integrity practices. Menus, help information, and error messages can be customized to aid operators during the input process. An entire workflow process can be incorporated into a seamless series of scripts that will capture the necessary information for boarding a loan. 


  • Customize input screen displays
  • Place additional edits on input screen fields
  • Group transactions into data entry sets
  • Store completed and in-process transactions
  • Default pre-defined values