January 19, 2015

COMMERCIAL SBA Loan Processing

SBA Loan Processing

Our commercial system automates your SBA Loan processing. With the system’s automated tools, you can service more SBA loans without manual intervention.

The system maintains the SBA guarantee for the loan. The guarantee percentage is available for reporting and analysis.

Payment allocation is automatic. When the loan is designated as an SBA loan with US Rule payment allocation, the system automatically allocates interest to the effective date of the payment. No special processing or calculations are required. The commercial system automatically calculates and updates the Paid To Date for the loan and all participants or investors. The Paid To Date is stored in the history for each payment for research and reference.

You can sell participations to investors. The system provides processing for service charges and excess service charges. The service fees are interfaced to general ledger and are directed to unique accounts, so you always know what service fees were generated separately from the interest income.

The system automatically generates the Colson 1502 Report at month-end and daily for any late payments. The report is generated to a spreadsheet and can be adjusted prior to submittal.

The commercial system produces a payment reversal (Reclaim) letter on demand, saving you time and improving accuracy because you don’t have to retype data into a form.