January 19, 2015

COMMERCIAL Unlimited User-Defined Fields

Commercial Unlimited User-Defined Fields

The system has commercial unlimited user-defined fields, which can be set up at the customer, loan, participation, and collateral level. User fields can be set up under an unlimited number of groups, which are then available for entry for each customer, loan, participation, or collateral record.

There are pre-defined types of user fields. Alphanumeric fields have an edit option that can require the field to be numeric only, enhancing data integrity. All fields have an option to not display the field on the inquiry and maintenance screens.

Custom literals are set up for each field in a group. Shaw security will protect these literals, as well as the edit and display options, from being modified by someone without the appropriate authority.

Screens are available to update values of the user fields, to list the user field groups set up for a particular record, and to display the values of the user fields for a particular record. An audit report lists any changes made to the user fields.