January 5, 2015

Loan and Lease Servicing

Loan and Lease Servicing Software for Banks, Credit Unions, Auto Dealers, and Finance Companies

Shaw’s highly configurable retail loan and lease servicing software is an all-in-one solution for loan servicers. You can access our user-friendly software with the click of a button using a browser. All aspects of your retail loan servicing, including auto finance servicing, are safely and efficiently automated.

Our software has minimal interfacing of critical data between systems. Less movement of your customers’ personal information means less risk and fewer headaches. Fewer systems and processes to support means lower staffing requirements and reduced resource expenses. Our software utilizes encryption and queuing and has a variety of user interface, data storage, hardware, and deployment options.

Our retail loan and lease servicing software integrates seamlessly with all of our other modules. A complete enterprise solution means you are not boxed in. We partner with a third-party to provide origination so everything is taken care of for you. By using web services, your existing systems can leverage data through customer portals like online banking where real-time information is needed.

Our retail loan servicing software for banks, credit unions, auto dealers, FinTech, and other finance companies has proven functionality and offers exceptional quality. We’ve partnered with top financial services companies to ensure that you’ll stay competitive in the marketplace.