January 16, 2015

RETAIL Escrow Accounting

Escrow Processing is available for any loan or line of credit. One tax record and one insurance record are available per account. Unlimited disbursement records can be added to an account. You can collect and disburse funds for multiple insurance policies and for multiple tax authorities.

RETAIL Escrow Accounting calculations and disclosures are fully RESPA-compliant. Escrow analysis can be selected as initial, trial and final.

RETAIL Escrow Accounting Highlights

  • RESPA-Compliant Computations and Disclosure
  • Unlimited Escrow Disbursements
  • Optional Interest Paid on Escrow Balances
  • Annual Analysis
  • Overage and Shortage Options
  • Mass Disbursement Interface
  • Add Escrow Processing at Any Time
  • Full Escrow History Online