January 16, 2015

RETAIL Enterprise Hierarchies and Reporting

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RETAIL Enterprise Hierarchies and Reporting

Our retail system provides many flexible, user-defined opportunities for reporting. The options range from Holding Company/Corporation reporting to the lowest reporting level the installation chooses to define, such as Report Branch. Each Commitment/Line, Loan, and Participation can be assigned to a combination of six reporting levels.

RETAIL Enterprise Hierarchies and Reporting levels can represent such entities as:

  • Holding Company
  • Corporation
  • Country
  • State
  • Provinces
  • Cities
  • Divisions
  • Regions
  • Profit/Cost Centers
  • Branches
  • Accounting Centers

The six reporting levels can be arranged in the hierarchical order needed by the installation to produce the necessary reporting. The defined hierarchies are then used to produce necessary reports and the General Ledger interface. 

To simplify the setup of commitments/lines and loans and to protect the integrity of the data, the reporting levels can be defaulted from control parameters. If the installation chooses to enter the reporting levels, the data can be verified by the system to protect the validity of the data.

Some of the categories of reports generated are:

  • Daily Operations Reports
  • Activity by Period
  • Line of Credit
  • Escrow
  • Income Analysis
  • Delinquency
  • Management/Portfolio Analysis
  • Insurance
  • Dealer
  • Investor/Securitization