January 19, 2015

RETAIL Enterprise Reporting

Retail Enterprise Reporting

The RETAIL Enterprise Reporting suite helps you manage your environment, internal resources, and channel partners. Our robust management reporting leads the industry with hundreds of standard reports and provides a flexible reporting package for the portfolio. Delivered reporting includes:

  • Balancing and Reconciliation Reports
  • Risk Analysis
  • Portfolio Performance
  • Operator and Group Performance Metrics
  • Trends and Forecasting Reports

The retail products manage production, storage, and retrieval of all RETAIL Enterprise Reporting. Printing can be delivered through PDF documents to either PCL or PostScript printers. All delivered reports can be modified by the user using the industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Many vendors use the same copy of the database for operational and reporting needs, but this quickly becomes a performance issue for operations when multiple reports are requested at the same time. The retail system supports heavy reporting demands by creating a snapshot copy of the data within the operations area at each close of business day. This provides accurate point-in-time information needed for comparative periodic reporting and a clean boundary for audit reporting without impacting the operator performance time.

You also have options for integrating data with existing reporting architectures, or you may access the data directly with any SQL query tool. All resources and connections are managed with well-defined restrictions on data access and security protocols.

Instead of creating paper reports for exceptions, ticklers, and follow-up items, the system creates “TO-DO” lists and places them into work-queues for operators to process. This reduces the amount of stale data often found on such reports and provides a way to track and manage the work that is being performed to resolve these operational issues. For more information, refer to Queuing topics.