January 16, 2015

RETAIL Securitization

The optional Securitization module works to create pools of loans or lines, sell the pool, service the loans or lines, create investor reports, and repurchase the pool. The online pool selection allows you to tailor a pool to the exact needs of the investor. The pool sale is simplified by using a single online transaction to sell the pool and automatically create the accounting records for the investor.

The RETAIL Securitization system provides complete pool reporting. Daily reports are provided to support remittance, and monthly recap reports are produced for trustee reporting. The reporting can be configured to the requirements of each pool trustee.

RETAIL Securitization Highlights

  • Online Pool Selection
  • Loan or Line Securitization
  • Pre-Sale Pool Analysis
  • Single Transaction for Pool Sale
  • Daily Trustee Reporting
  • Monthly Trustee Pool Recap
  • Automatic Transaction Pass-Through to Pool
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Single Loan Repurchase
  • Pool Repurchase
  • Loan Servicing is Transparent to User