January 19, 2015

RECOVERY Relational, Data-Driven Architecture

Relational, Data-Driven Architecture

Shaw’s recovery products reflect a deep understanding of how to organize data so that ultimately you can leverage it for your business needs and decision making. 

The relational, data-driven architecture framework of all our product development is driven by data. We ask the question, “What pieces of data are needed to perform a specific business function?” We put them together and organize the functions and data to be as closely aligned as we can make them. Obviously, some processes have cross-cutting concerns and have wide-ranging data requirements, but even these are easier to manage if the underlying data stores are driven by business needs. 

Having a relational, data-driven architecture to support an application or enterprise is only the first step. The data points must be organized along business functions in order to provide a flexible structure to meet your changing requirements and increasing amounts of data.