Subprime Lender is Shaw’s Newest RETAIL & COLLECTIONS Client

Subprime Lender is Shaw’s Newest RETAIL & COLLECTIONS Client HOUSTON (December 1, 2011) -Shaw Systems Associates, Inc. announced that a new subprime lender entity is Shaw’s newest subscriber to  Related Site RETAIL and  rencontre femme isle en dodon COLLECTIONS via the SaaS deployment option, Shaw Hosting Solutions. The new subprime lender client, who is currently preparing an announcement of their business launch, will benefit from the functionality of Shaw’s proven lending and collections software while avoiding the expense of licenses, hardware, deployment, system management, and maintenance fees.

Now Shaw Systems’ clients have a choice of how to utilize the best software in the industry: a traditional licensing scenario, a hosted option, or a customized blend that suits their preferences.

démenagé ici RETAIL supports a myriad of consumer loan products with integrated features to automate processes and navigate the dynamic credit landscape.  RETAIL supports loans, line of credit, home equity, dealer/indirect, floor plan, commitments, securitization, and insurance/products.

COLLECTIONS is a customer-centric collections and portfolio management solution that accommodates every phase of an account’s life cycle. The software manages multiple product types including loans, leases, line of credit, credit cards, mortgages, DDA, NSF, and other receivables.