Vendors Provide Solutions For Shaw Clients

It’s been a while since we’ve made announcements on an important part of every system implementation, so we wanted to take the time to fill you in on what we’ve been working on.

Growth, investment and agility are three words that sum up Shaw’s 2018. Our focus on growing through adding talented team members, investing in industry leading technology, and agility in conforming to a growing business enables us to deliver solutions that our clients desire.

In years past, when APIs were only a thing of the future, technology constraints challenged finance strategies. The introduction of APIs, found in Shaw’s modern systems, gives clients the opportunity to connect to outside sources that drive the impact of accounts managed in Shaw. Ease of automation through data exchanges on an API enable customer service representatives to manage accounts accurately and effectively. Delivering a real time borrower experience is vital to maintaining a long-term relationship with the end customer.

Our success is dependent on customer success, therefore we continue to seek alignment with lender needs, developing a cohesive collection of systems and services that work together to satisfy lending needs and borrower expectations.

The goal is to provide an end to end package by developing relationships with vendors that keep compliance and functionality at their core. We are excited to provide solutions to functionality listed below:

  1. Statements & Letters: Print and Mail and Online
  2. Loan Originations
  3. Online Portal Presentment
  4. NCOA Management
  5. Payment Processing: Cash, Debt Credit, ACH
  6. Text Messaging with Phone Number Management
  7. Online Chat: Chat Bots and CSR Chats
  8. Social Media Chat
  9. Charge-off and Debt Acquisition
  10. Bankruptcy Acquisition
  11. Voicemail Drops
  12. Apple Wallet and Android Wallet Bill Presentment, Reminders and Payment
  13. Insurance Tracking
  14. Bankruptcy Management and Automatic Filing

Please contact to learn how Shaw can help in the areas of business listed above. If there is an area of business not mentioned above, please send your recommendations to We are here to help!

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