Weekly Coffee Break: Roundup of Industry News

Weekly Coffee Break: Roundup of Industry News

Weekly Roundup of Industry News

Every week, we’ll share a roundup of industry news and fun links because these resources have informed, entertained, and inspired us.

Here’s our weekly roundup of industry news:

The Morning Routine Experts Recommend for Peak Productivity – What’s the best way to start your day so that you really get things done? Laura Vanderkam studied the schedules of high-achievers. What did she find? Almost all have a morning routine. I’ve interviewed a ton of top experts about their productivity secrets: Tim Ferriss, Cal Newport, Dan Ariely, Charles Duhigg, and others. But you’re busy. You don’t have time to read all that stuff. You need a plan.

How to Manage Time With 10 Tips That Work – Chances are good that, at some time in your life, you’ve taken a time management class, read about it in books, and tried to use an electronic or paper-based day planner to organize, prioritize and schedule your day. “Why, with this knowledge and these gadgets,” you may ask, “do I still feel like I can’t get everything done I need to?” The answer is simple. Everything you ever learned about managing time is a complete waste of time because it doesn’t work.

9 steps to becoming a better leader – If you want your employees to be dedicated and committed to the vision of the company, you have to remember to be dedicated yourself. You want your employees to believe in the company, so don’t be afraid to show them how passionate you are about company goals.

Is Human-Robo ‘Hybrid’ Advisory the Best Way to Manage Finances? – Roboadvisors are hot in financial and wealth management at the moment, despite the fact that “roboadvisor” can essentially refer to any online service that generates automated investment advice. The current debate in fintech is over their use more than their classification; specifically, people are questioning whether they should be used at all, because, well, humans kind of need jobs.

4 ways to save money during football season – If you love football like I do, you’re pretty excited when this time of year rolls around. As fun as it is, it can be expensive. Here are a few things you can do to enjoy yourself and save a few bucks. Fund your football addiction – If you’re going to spend a lot of money this football season, try figuring out a way to raise some dough before the season starts. Having a yard sale could be a great way to raise some pocket cash for a ticket you want or that party you want to throw. Have an old guitar or piece of workout equipment you don’t use anymore? Throw it up on Ebay or Craigslist and turn it into cash.

4 components influencing future of payments – Imagine this: The year is 2020. You’ve just got your morning cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop. Now, it’s time to pay. You reach for your…what? With a diverse payments landscape, including plastic, cash and digital, consumers have numerous options. In another four years, who knows what new technology could be introduced to the mix. Already, there’s the possibility of virtual reality payments.