Weekly Coffee Break: Roundup of Industry News

http://mhando.com/diflucan Weekly Roundup of Industry News

visit homepage This is a roundup of industry news and links for the week of March 19th that have informed, entertained, and inspired us.

reddit online dating how many guys at once my site Here’s our weekly roundup of industry news:

How quantum will change everything (including banking, money and security) – I know that we deal with quite complicated things in financial technologies. AI, AGI, ASI (Artificial Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence, Artificial Super Intelligence); machine learning and deep learning; blockchain, shared ledgers and distributed ledger technologies; cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies and digital currencies; Open Banking and Open APIs; and so on and so forth.

Here’s what the latest Senate bill means for US fintech – A bill that the Senate Banking Committee has been drafting for several years, designed to reduce the regulatory burden for small- and mid-sized US lenders, received bipartisan approval in the Senate on Wednesday with a 61-38 vote.

6 Trends Impacting the Future of Payments – Fintech underwent a revolution of sorts this past year with the rise of crypto assets: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been dominating financial news outlets, and other applications of blockchain technology are being explored to streamline different elements of finance.

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