Weekly Coffee Break: Roundup of Industry News

Weekly Coffee Break: Roundup of Industry News

Weekly Roundup of Industry News

Every week, we’ll share a roundup of industry news links because these resources have informed and inspired us. Here’s our weekly roundup of industry news:

What Will Cost You More in 2016? – Planning to buy a new car or kitchen appliance in 2016? Be prepared to open your wallet a little wider, as these are just two of the items that are expected to cost more next year. However, it’s not all bad news. The Consumer Price Index showed modest increases overall for 2015 and even decreasing prices in areas such as apparel and energy costs.

Beware of Scams Targeting Older People During the Holidays – Scams that target older people occur every day, but you can count on scammers to ramp up their efforts to prey on people’s generosity during the holiday season. These grinches, armed with their dirty tricks, may even weave the holidays into elaborate stories to pull at your heartstrings as they slip their sticky fingers into your wallet.

Some Online Lenders Unprepared for Credit Downturn, Investor Warns – Ex-banker Frank Rotman, now a venture capitalist who focuses on marketplace lending, has a unique vantage point on the competition for small-business loans between banks and Web-based upstarts, as well as on both sides’ strengths and weaknesses.

What a bump in interest rates could mean for your personal finances – Here we are again, fretting about a possible increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve and what a bump would mean for our personal finances. When it comes to your money, you have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. There is no use worrying about what the Fed is going to do because it’s out of your control.

House Panel Approves Data Security and Condo Bills – The House Financial Services Committee approved a data security bill Tuesday that would require all financial companies to have similar security protections and notification requirements as banks.

How CIOs Can Lead in a Period of Rapid Change and Disruption – Financial technology firms (Fintechs) and hi-tech start-ups have ushered in a new era of technology-driven innovation to the financial sector; innovation that is enabling, enhancing and disrupting virtually every aspect of the financial services value chain.